Forget Rice! If You Drop Your Phone In Water, This Is Officially The Best Way To Fix It

If it saves our smartphones then we're in!

Wet iphone

We’ve all been there. A second ago your phone was firmly in the grip of your hand. Now it’s at the bottom of the loo. Ugh.

But it’s grand. Sure you’ll just stick it in a bowl of rice and it’ll be fine, yeah?

Well according to tests conducted by Gazelle, while the rice method can be effective, there’s actually a much better way of ensuring your smartphone comes back to life: Um, kitty litter.

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For the best results, the folks at Gazelle say you should first take out your battery and sim card, shake off any extra liquid, let the phone air-dry for a bit and then keep the handset in with the (clean!) kitty litter for three days.

Apparently, the super absorbent crystals will wick away all of the water and your phone will be as good as new.

Sure we’ll miss checking out Insta feed and Snapchatting our friends every five minutes, but hey, if it saves us from shelling out hundreds of euro on a new handset then we’re willing to give it a go!

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