Forget What You’ve Been Told: Eating Pasta Can Actually Make You Slimmer

Spag bol for life!


Despite being energy-dense and, er, totally delish, carbs get a bad rep, and if you’re watching what you eat then horsing down bowels of Carbonara is typically one of the things you’ll start cutting out of your diet.

But far from being a ‘bad’ food, new research actually suggests that carbs – and in particular pasta – can be beneficial for dieters.

The study published in the Nutrition and Diabetes Journal studied the BMIs of 23,000 people and founded that people who ate pasta on the regular actually had a lower waist circumference and better hip ratio.

How’s that for good news?!

That doesn’t give you free reign to scoff down whole bowls of spaghetti, of course. The study notes that those who lost weight or stayed the same, exercised portion control, so the old adage still applies: everything in moderation. (Yawn.)

It’s what you eat with the pasta that’s important too. Bacon and cheesy cream-based sauces aren’t so great, obvs, but choose fresh veggies and a drizzle of olive oil and you’re on to a winner.

Now excuse us, we’re off to our local Italian…

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