GAS! James Blunt Just Announced He’s Releasing A New Album In A Way Only James Blunt Can

Oh, James.

James Blunt is the king of Twitter clapbacks.

How about that time a follower tweeted him to say “No one actually likes James Blunt, right?” and he responded with “Yeah, I bought those 20 million albums myself.”

Or when another fan posted this: “James Blunt just has an annoying face and a highly irritating voice” and James clapped back “And no mortgage.” Boom!

Now, the singer has announced he’ll be releasing an album next year, in a way only James Blunt can, using his self deprecating humour of course.

Not surprisingly, the internet is already trying to roast the king of twitter put downs.

Our thoughts? Nothing could be worse than the shitsto*rm that was 2016.

Perhaps in 2017 crooning along to a few You’re Beautiful-esque tracks from Mr Blunt will be all the therapy we need.