Gaz Beadle Just Hit Out At Women Who Have Sex On The First Date

And in misogynistic news of the day...

Gaz Beadle

We have some choice words for Gaz Beadle this afternoon after hearing the comments he’s made about women who slept with him on the first date, but for the sake of being polite, we’ll keep the expletives to ourselves.

In his column for The Daily Star, the notorious womaniser explains that he’s been struggling to find a girlfriend because the women he meets sleep with him too early on.

“I have met some unreal birds in clubs and think, ‘F*ck me, I would marry you and have five kids and and buy a house with a fireplace and double cooker for you,” he writes.

“Have a few drinks, get to hotel, bang them and I’m like f*ck sake, at least make it a bit of a challenge, at least make me wait until the third or fourth date. You could have been Mrs Gary Beadle but you just let me bang you after meeting you four hours ago.”

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Um, first of all Gaz, you’re assuming these women actually want to become Mrs Beadle. Secondly, whether a woman is ready to have sex with you on the first date or the 51st, that’s her prerogative.

And thirdly? With an attitude like this, it’s hardly surprising that you’re struggling to find a new lady love.

Concluding his column, Gaz adds that “Nine out of 10 times I’d say it’s true with lads. If you bang them on a first date, you’re not girlfriend material. Don’t put out… but it won’t stop us trying, like.”

What a charmer, eh? Sounds like Charlotte Crosby had a lucky escape.


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