Genius! This Campaign Helps Women Who Feel Endangered On A Date In The Most Subtle Way

Such a smart initiative.


Most of us have experienced dates that have gone spectacularly wrong. Perhaps you were running late and arrived to dinner a sweaty mess. Maybe the two of you had absolutely nothing to talk about. Or worse, all he could talk about was his mam.

While all of those scenarios are uncomfortable experiences that you’ll likely recount to your girlfriends later, in some cases dates aren’t just a bit awkward, they’re potentially dangerous.

Maybe the guy just isn’t who he said he was in his Tinder profile, or perhaps there’s something that just feels a little, well, off.

Whatever the issue, a bar in Lincolnshire has come up with a genius way of ensuring the safety of its dating female punters.

In association with the local council and Rape Crisis Centre, they launched the #NoMore campaign, and put up posters detailing what daters should do if they feel unsafe.

The poster, which was tweeted by one of the bar’s customers Isobel O’Brien tells daters to simply go to the bar and ‘ask for Angela’, explaining that a member of staff will then “call you a taxi or help you out discreetly.”

The Lincolnshire pub isn’t the first bar to introduce a similar safety tactic. Earlier this year a sign posted in another bar also advised female patrons to seek out help from its staff if they felt uneasy.

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While both of these examples are relatively new initiatives, we’re hoping that something similar will be rolling out in other cities soon.

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