Happy Snaps: 5 Tricks To Take Better Photos On Your iPhone

Blurry pics be gone. These nifty photo hacks will take your snaps to the next level.

Kim and Kris Taking A Selfie

Grrr. It can be mega frustrating when your photo doesn’t go to plan. Whether it’s selfie number 47 in a row, or a one-time snap of a beautiful landscape while off on your hollibops, a bad pic can make for a bad mood.

Best forget about snapping on your smartphone and invest in a fancy new camera then, huh?

Um, nope, don’t rush off to buy that DSLR just yet. If you want to take amazing pictures, you just need a smartphone and a little camera trickery. Here’s how…

1. Turn off the flash

The flash is a no-go if you wanna take high quality snaps, but what should you do if you’re snapping after dark? Play around with the exposure slider instead, which is available on iOS8. If you increase the exposure you’ll brighten up the frame. Forget using the zoom function too. It’ll only make your pics blurry.

2. Use burst mode

It doesn’t matter how fast you are with your thumb, there’s only so many photos you can take in quick succession. That’s where burst mode comes in. As the name suggests, it’s takes a ‘burst’ of photos in one go. And the more photos you take the more chance of you getting a good one, eh? To use it, just tap and hold down the shutter button.

3. Use the camera grid

This is a great hack for lining up your shot, because it firstly ensures your picture is level and not at an awkward angle, and secondly lets you check the symmetry of your pic. Simply, enable the grid in your camera setting, then wait for the grid to appear when you’re taking a photo and line up the picture accordingly.

4. Use an app

Really want to take your snaps to another level? Look to photography apps. The ProCam app is much more customisable than the regular camera app. That’s cos it let’s you play around with the image size, enable anti-shake, and adjust the camera’s exposure and focus, making for a much higher quality pic. Nifty.

5. Don’t be afraid to photo edit

So your photo didn’t turn out quite as planned. You can still work with it. Drag it into an external photo editing app. One of our favourites is VSCO Cam. In the app, you can sharpen up blurry pictures, brighten images that are too dark or adjust the exposure on any snaps you aren’t happy with, meaning your pics will always look deadly.