Have We Seriously Gone Back To Concealer Lips Already?

How old are we?!

Image via Instagram, @sofiarichiegrainge

We’re in an era where trends cycles are rapidly churning over at a pace unseen before.

That means we barely blinked before claw clips and low waisted jeans were back on our doorsteps, while peplum watches us nefariously from next year, waiting to pounce.

It’s not just fashion, either; we’ve watched the return of many 90’s and noughtie’s beauty trends too.

Thin brows, frosty eyes, clear glosses and darkly lined lips have all resurfaced in a big way, and we’re not complaining – they’re gorgeous, statement make-up looks we can get behind, and we’ve had enough space to be able to appreciate them.

What we weren’t expecting to see just yet was the 2010’s cropping up. Frankly, we need more time!

Which trend has snuck up on us? Concealer lips. No, seriously. Be afraid!


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This week, Sofia Richie rocked concealer on her lips in a make-up tutorial that has horrified those of us who suffered through the era of blocky brows and pale, foundation caked mouths.

Oh god – we’re having harshly lit club photo flashbacks.

Granted, Sofia doesn’t just slap the product on as part of her face routine like we would have circa 2013.

Her version of the look is more subtle and uses just a “tiny dot” of concealer in the centre of her lips after using a nude lipstick, for a “beautiful ombré lip combo.”

@sofiarichiegrainge Love @YSL Beauty Candy Glaze – soo glossy and hydrating #YSLBeautyPartner ♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge

She tells her followers she was inspired by seeing others do it on TikTok (which means we’re already in too deep), and that the concealer is the “cherry on top”.

Yes, she looks beautiful, and the look is pretty natural. Still, we can’t help but scream at the thought of using any face product on our lips, except maybe a good blush.

What’s next – bright purple and pink cut creases? Realistically, it’s only a matter of time.