Here’s Everything The VS Angels Are Eating The Day After The Show

Because the Victoria's Secret Angels cheat on their diets too, y'know...

The VS gals have had to endure constant exercise and healthy eating for the past few months to ensure their bods are smokin’ hot for the most talked about catwalk show of the year. Post-show, though? Well, it turns out they’re just like us (kinda.) Here’s what five of our fave VS gals will be nomming on today. Hint: there’s a few of our favourite cheat meals in there, too.

1. It’s chocolate er’thing for Karlie Kloss

Karli Kloss

We are seriously crushing on this beaut today, but she makes us like her even more when she admits she gets sugar cravings just like the rest of us. “I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I will always go first and foremost for chocolate something, chocolate anything,” she revealed to Elle. Karlie also shares her motto for life, which we totally agree with, “We work hard leading up to the show, and so I think if you work hard then you play hard and that’s a motto I embrace in many ways. I had a cookie for breakfast, you’ve got to live.”

2. ‘Pass the cheese please’ says Joan Smalls

joan smalls

This beaut will undoubtedly be dying for some cheese today. The VS supermodel admitted last year that she’s a fiend for cheese and finds it tough giving it up pre-show. “I’m craving cheesy pasta. I’ve been cutting down on cheese because it tends to make me bloated, so I made sure I was cutting it. I’m yearning for it now!” She also told Vogue she’s partial to a pizza. Us too, Joan.

3. It’s to the chipper for Lindsay Ellingson

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.02.05

Lindsay is a girl after our own hearts. “I’m going to be indulging on fish and chips, it’s one of my favourite things,” she says. We reckon we could certainly recommend her a chipper or two.

4. Lily Aldridge just wants a cuppa

lily aldridge

For Lily, it’s sweet rather than savoury that’ll be tickling her tastebuds after the show. “I’m looking forward to a proper tea service, like a high tea, and I’m going to have English breakfast tea with real cream and sugar.”

5. Eniko Mihalik has cheat days too

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.15.55

Blonde bombshell Eniko admits that she’s super strict on herself pre-show but rewards herself afterwards. Talking about her post-show indulgences last year she said, “I”ve been on a really strict diet to be honest, so me and my trainer planned a cheat day for me. I told my boyfriend to make me my favourite flourless chocolate cake, with whipped cream and  ice-cream on the side.” Sugary treats brought to us by our very own man-slave? Sounds deadly to us.

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