Here’s The Infuriating Reason There’s Currently No Cure For PMS

Well this sucks.

PMS Symptoms

Groan. You can feel those familiar pains in your tummy, you’ve already snapped at a co-worker this morning and you’ve so little energy that even walking to the coffee shop seems like a major ordeal.

Sounds like you’ve got PMS, girl.

Unfortunately, unlike most other ailments, there isn’t too much you can do to combat the discomfort, mood swings and fatigue that often come with your period, except grab a paracetamol, schedule in a Netflix night and get on with it.

But why’s that the case?

Well according to ResearchGate, part of the reason there’s currently no cure for PMS is because there’s way more money being directed into other studies, and chief among those is Erectile Dysfunction research.

In fact, official stats estimate that five times more studies are commissioned to research erectile dysfunction than finding a cure for PMS.

No fair, right?


In an article for ResearchGate, psychologist Kathleen Lustyk speculates as to why researchers aren’t as keen to investigate an area that effects an estimated 90 percent of women.

Turns out she’s had grant reviews on the subject rejected on the grounds that PMS does not exist, with the reviewers stating it was “merely a product of our society or culture that has painted a natural process in a negative light and that, given its monthly predictability, leads to suffering through anticipation.”

“I suspect that this is a fancy way of saying it’s really just in a woman’s head,” Lustyk concludes.

Sigh. Seriously researchers, believe us when we say this: This sh*t that we have to deal with each and every month REALLY isn’t all in our heads. Sort. It. Out.


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