Here’s Why You Won’t Be Seeing Any More Pictures Of Cheryl And Liam’s New Baby Son

They shared a snap of their first child over the weekend.

We’ll admit we were a tad surprised on Saturday night when Cheryl and Liam announced the arrival of their first child so publicly. The couple remained tight-lipped throughout the pregnancy, so it was more than a little surprising that they both announced the birth with a picture of their new arrival on Instagram.

Still, if you thought their new openness for sharing was going to be a permanent thing, you may well be disappointed, as according to various reports, now that they’ve made the announcement, the couple will be keeping everything to do with their child very private, and going forward they won’t be sharing pics of the little one’s face.

A source told the MailOnline: “Cheryl and Liam decided they won’t be sharing any pictures as they want to protect the privacy of the baby.

“They had been offered huge deals from the UK and US but they turned it down as the baby’s privacy is the most important thing to them.”

Meanwhile, Liam’s family have been busy congratulating the couple on Twitter.

“Happy first mothers day @CherylOfficial. eeek i just love him xxx,” Liam’s older sister Ruth Gibbons wrote, while his eldest sibling added: “What a lovely day today has been!!! I honestly didn’t know love at first sight until today. Xx.”

Bless! Still no news on the little one’s name, but we’ll keep you updated!

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