How Far Along Is She? Here’s When Cheryl And Liam’s Baby Might Be Due

Now her pregnancy is pretty much confirmed, all we really wanna know is, when's the baba due to arrive?

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When Chezza stepped out in London last night sporting a very conspicuous baby bump, fans asked a very obvious question: Now that there’s no denying her pregnancy, how far along is she?

Let’s take a look back at what we know so far, shall we?

Cheryl and Liam start dating

Cheryl and Liam

When news broke in January that the pair were dating, it was the rumour nobody could quite believe… well, until Liam confirmed it himself with a cute Insta pic of the pair.

Cheryl and Liam make their red carpet debut

Cheryl And Liam 2

The pair stepped out together at the Global Gift Gala in May and fans noticed Cheryl sporting a fuller, healthier figure. Could that be a budding baby bump we spy there?

They get a dog together

Our new family member ???? he is beyond cute.. ? the dog is adorable too ? @toosmallforteacups thank you ❤️

A photo posted by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

Liam and Cheryl show off their new Chihuahua puppy on Instagram in July and rumours circulate that they’re thinking of starting a family.

Liam updates his Twitter bio

Fans went into a frenzy when Liam added the words “I’m the luckiest man alive” to his Twitter bio mid-September. Interesting. Very, very interesting…

Cheryl snaps a selfie with her stomach cropped out of the pic

The pic was shared by her PR agency on 22nd September. Hmm, what you trying to hide there Cheryl?

Cheryl’s mum is spotted in Mothercare

Here’s when the rumours really went into overdrive. Chezza’s mam was spotted buying baby items in late September and every news outlet in the world jumped to the obvious conclusion. But how soon did Cheryl let her mum in on her exciting news? One month? Two? Three?

Those Paris Fashion Week pics emerge

Cheryl L'oreal

People remarked on Cheryl’s ‘noticeable new curves’ at a L’oreal party at the start of October, just a few short weeks before she was granted her divorce from Jean-Bernard.

Cheryl appeared on The One Show

Cheryl Cole

The singer appeared on the show on November 3rd to talk about her new campaign with Childline but wasn’t asked about the speculation surrounding her pregnancy. Fans are convinced that she definitely has a baby bump on the programme.

Cheryl attends Kimberly Walsh’s birthday party

A lovely birthday meal in last night at Kim’s? @kimberleywalshofficial

A photo posted by Nicola Roberts (@lilcola) on

She was the only guest without a wine glass at the bash on November 20th. Hmm.

Brian Friedman seems to let things slip

However far along Cheryl is at this point, her nearest and dearest seem to be in on the pregnancy. X Factor’s Brian tells New! Magazine on November 23rd “they’re pregnant” before taking to Twitter to tell fans that he made a mistake.

Cheryl and Liam step out in London

The pair were papped in London last night and the pics seems to confirm the speculation: they’re expecting!

Celebs react to the news and speculate on a due date

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid are the first to comment on the pics from last night. While Piers Morgan tells the couple to ‘hurry up with the announcement’, Susanna speculates that Cheryl is around the six-month mark in her pregnancy.

So where does all this leave us? Well with no official word from Cheryl and Liam it’s hard to guess, but we’re inclined to say Cheryl may have discovered her pregnancy in August, before telling Liam and her mum, suggesting the estimated date of conception could be around late June/ early July.

That means we’re inclined to agree with Susanna Reid; Chezza could be around five or – at most – six months into her pregnancy, meaning we could see a Chliam mini me as early as March.


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