Hurrah! Snapchat Just Ditched Its Most Hated Feature And We’re Only Delira!

Story playlists are gonna change the game.


If there’s one thing that literally nobody likes about Snapchat, then it’s gotta be its auto-advance feature.

Yeah, you know the one we mean. One sec you’re scrolling through pics of NikkieTutorials’ latest eye make-up look, the next, without warning, you’re viewing snaps from that lad you shifted on the weekend, and now he knows you’ve seen them. Damn.

Thankfully, Snapchat has heard your plea and ditched auto-advance, replacing it with story playlists – and it’s hella good news for those of us who follow like a zillion people. Er, that’d be all of us then, right?

See unlike auto-advance, story playlists don’t roll onto the next person’s snaps automatically, and instead let you select whose stories you wanna watch that day.

So that means less of that bitchy girl you know from school and more of, say, your favourite magazine (Us, bbz).

Smart, huh?

Snapchat new update

It’s super easy to do too. Simply scroll through your list of friends and a purple tick will appear when you select the one’s you wanna watch.

Now, see ya! We’re off to watch some of Irish Snapchat faves!

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