“I Don’t Think It’s Natural”: Scarlett Johansson Has Said Some Very Surprising Things About Marriage And Staying Faithful

One month after her split from her husband of two years.

Last month, news broke that ScarJo and her husband Romain Dauriac, who she wed in October 2014, had split after two years of marriage and now the actress has spoken out for the first time following news of her divorce.

Scarlett, who has been married twice, first to Ryan Reynolds in 2008, has said some very interesting things about married life, perhaps hinting at why her most recent partnership broke down.

Speaking to Playboy, she revealed that she doesn’t think “it’s natural to be a monogamous person.”

“I might be skewered for that, but I think it’s work. It’s a lot of work,” she elaborated. “ And the fact that it is such work for so many people – for everyone – the fact of that proves that it is not a natural thing. It’s something I have a lot of respect for and have participated in, but I think it definitely goes against some instinct to look beyond.”

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Her recent comments echo similar marks she made in 2006.

“I don’t think human beings are monogamous creatures by nature,” she said at the time. “When I decide I want to have children with somebody, I think it would be nice to be married to that person.”

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