“I Don’t Want To Sound Excessive…” Roz Purcell Reveals How Many Times A Week She Hits The Gym

“I have become a lot better with taking my rest days. I've found a good balance for me.”

In a world where so many celebrities claim to eat what they want and never exercise, despite rocking killer abs and tiny waists, we have to commend Irish model Roz Purcell for being so open and honest about the hard graft it takes to stay in shape.

In an interview with our sister publication VIP Magazine, Roz divulges her typical training schedule.

“I’m always training,” she admits in the mag’s March issue. “For me, it’s what I enjoy doing. I don’t want to sound excessive, but I would train 10 or 11 times a week; a mixture of boxing, yoga, legs, arms and different classes. I’d take a rest day once a fortnight, but if I wake up sore, I’ll take another one.”

Roz also revealed that the mental health benefits of exercise are “one of the biggest reasons” she trains.

“For me it has such huge benefits,” she explains. “It sounds a bit weird but I just have so much energy and always feel raring to go! Sometimes if I do miss training, I feel a bit antsy but I have become a lot better with taking my rest days. I’ve found a good balance for me.”

Hey, as long as Roz feels happy and healthy, and 10 sessions a week work for her then that’s all that matters, right?

Psst! Wanna know more about Roz’s nutrition and training habits? She shared three of her top tips with Stellar.ie here.


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