I-KEE-YA: We’ve All Been Mispronouncing Ikea This Whole Time

How could this be?


It’s the first place we head when we move to a new gaff. Like seriously, where else can we get reasonably priced, non-flatpack furniture?

But if your many household-related shopping trips had you thinking that you know everything there is to know about this iconic Swedish brand, then you’d be wrong.

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Why? Well to start, it turns out we aren’t even pronouncing the brand’s name correctly.

The brand say people have been mispronouncing the name since it starting branching out into other countries and now their Swedish reps have confirmed that it’s not pronounced “I-kee-ya” as we previously thought. It’s actually pronounced with an “e” sound, as in “ee-KAY-uh.”

In other words, we’ve totally been butchering it this whole time. #Oops.

Thankfully, Ikea’s reps don’t seem to mind, stating that whether you pronounce it “i-kee-ya” or “ee-KAY-uh” it’s all good with them.

Thanks you guys.

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