‘I Love That Guy’: Matt Le Blanc Just Said The Most Gushy Stuff About His Friends Co-Star Matthew Perry

Joey and Chandler for life <3

Joey and Chandler

It may be more than 10 years since THE BEST SHOW IN THE ENTIRE WORLD wrapped on filming, but we still have big love for New York’s most lovable sixsome.

And while we were suckers for Ross and Rachel’s love story, LOL’d our way through Monica and Chandler’s marriage dramaz and rooted for Phoebe and Mike to get back together, there was one pairing that we loved more than anything and that was Joey and Chandler.

Now, Matt Le Blanc has given us all the feels by proving that his and Matthew’s bromance is just as real IRL as it is on screen.

Joey And Chandler

Chatting at the 2016 Summer TCA press tour, Joey Matt gave us all the feels with his comments about his co-star BFF.

“I saw him yesterday,” Matt explained. “He’s one stage away. I love that guy.”

“I can not see him for five years and then put me in a room with him and it’d be like I saw him yesterday.”

“We still short hand with one another,” he adds. “It’s amazing. Ten years in a building with no windows with the door locked, we got to know each other pretty well.”

Soooo cute, right?

Matt also revealed that all of the cast are still really close.

“I love all five of them. We spent a lot of time together.”

Awww, you guys.

This calls for a lookback on some of Joey and Chandler’s best bromance moments. (P.s. we’re still rooting for that reunion!)

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