“I Seriously Misjudged You”: Piers Morgan Pens Lengthy Apology To Ariana Grande

“The truth is that you have made me eat my cynical words in quite spectacular fashion.”

In case you missed it, Piers Morgan had some scathing comments for Ariana Grande last week, following the Manchester terror attack.

Piers crticised Ariana for flying home to Florida to be with her family in the wake of attack, noting that if the Queen could visit victims in hospital so should she.

Now Piers has done a U turn and issued an apology to 23-year-old Ariana.

Writing in his column for the Daily Mail, the controversial journalist and TV presenter noted that he had “misjudged” her.

In the piece entitled “Dear Ariana, I’m so sorry I ever questioned your courage. Last night you showed true grit and also why the the cowards of ISIS will never win” Piers explains that he was angry at the wicked, senseless act of terrorism that took such a devastating toll on so many lives” when he made the comments.

“The truth is that you have made me eat my cynical words in quite spectacular fashion,” he continued. “You flew back to Manchester within two weeks of what must have been the worst day of your life.”

Speaking of the One Love benefit concert organised by the popstar, Piers described it as a “staggeringly moving and inspiring event.”

“And at the centre of it all was you, Ariana Grande,” Piers continued.

“My grandmother used to speak of the ‘Blitz spirit’ whenever we spoke about her experiences during World War 2 when she was a young teenage girl.

“The official dictionary definition is ‘stoicism and determination in a difficult or dangerous situation, especially as displayed by a group of people.’ You displayed that exact same spirit last night.

“You may appear to be just a sweet, pint-sized, baby-faced young woman. But by coming back to Manchester so soon, shrugging off the latest attack in London, standing on that stage and performing with such raw emotion and power, you showed more guts, resilience, strength of character and ‘Blitz spirit’ than every snivelling, pathetic ISIS coward put together.

“And you certainly showed a damn sight more compassion than I ever showed you.”

Piers then went on to explain how he thought the concert might be perceived by ISIS.

“I chuckled to myself at the thought of how utterly enraged those pitiful ISIS douchebags must feel to see that their efforts to destroy our way of life, and force us to cower away in hiding, have been so roundly thwarted by a young ballsy girl in pigtails.

“Someone whose first reaction after that bomb exploded was to get the hell out of there. But someone who then got home and thought to herself: ‘No, I need to go back.’”

He wrapped up the piece by telling Ariana “I’m sorry I questioned your courage. You’re one helluva gutsy young lady.”

You can read the full article here.

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