If You Wanted To Live In Monica And Chandler’s Apartment, Here’s How Much It’d Cost You IRL

And you thought the renting crisis in Ireland was bad.

Monica's apartment

It’s one of the most iconic homes on TV, but if you fancied taking up residence in Monica’s apartment from Friends, well you better get saving for the mortgage STAT.

That’s right, our fave-o TV gaff, which was home to, um, pretty much the entire Friends cast at one stage or another, comes with a fairly hefty price tag. Yep, even by Manhattan real estate prices, apparently.

Monica's apartment

In a faux apartment listing, boffins at consumer group Which?! speculate that in today’s market Monica’s home would set you back just shy of $4million.

Oh, and you’d need to put down a deposit of $400,000. Grand.

Which Monica's Apartment

The fake listing reads:

“Open-plan two-bed apartment in sought-after Greenwich Village is available immediately. Private exterior balcony and roof access with stunning Manhattan views. Would make a great investment or suit young professionals now.”

We get it: it’s in a great location, has a balcony and is big enough for you to, eh, do somersaults in a cheerleader’s uniform or host thanksgiving dinner, but unless that price tag includes all six cast members and a year’s supply of Joey Specials from the local pizzeria then we think we’ll pass.

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