It’s National Orgasm Day! To Celebrate, Here Are 5 Of Our Favourite On-Screen Orgasms

Happy orgasm day ladies! We've found the five most memorable on-screen female orgasms EVER. Warning: some seriously explicit content.

Did you know that the 31st of July is National Orgasm Day? Well, you do now, friend.

This fantastic day doesn’t seem to be getting half as much publicity as Valentines day and we can’t see why not. After all, national orgasm day is a celebration for everyone, not just people in relationships. Nope, it’s fun and suitable for single gals too.

In celebration of this great day we’ve picked our top five on-screen female orgasms. From absolutely cringeworthy to seriously sexy, we can definitely relate to at least one of these scenes.

1. When Harry Met Sally

This scene needs no introduction. Sally became our absolute idol when she did this to Harry in public.

2. The Ugly Truth

Unlike Sally, Catherine Heigl’s character, Abbey didn’t intend to have the big O in a restaurant. We would be absolutely morto if this happened to us. Note to self; it’s probably best to keep all sex toys to the bedroom.

3. Monica in Friends

Monica gives Chandler a step-by-step guide to making girls orgasm but her imagination starts to get the better of her and she turns it into quite a literal guide. Guys, are you listening?


4. No Strings Attached

It’s not hard to see why Natalie Portman’s character, Emma was able to achieve the big O in just a few seconds. I mean, she has Ashton Kutcher on top of her, it’s hardly challenging.

5. Not Another Teen Movie

Main character Janey proves that we don’t need no man to get off, in the most awkward scene EVER. We would happily give up any any future orgasms to prevent our dads walking in on us while getting friendly with our favourite sex toy. CRINGE.