It’s Official! This Has Been Voted The MOST Annoying Thing You Can Do On A Plane

Frequent flyers, take note.

Bridesmaids on a plane

There are two types of people in this world. Those rare beings who actual enjoy flying, and the rest of us who utterly despise it.

For peeps who fall into the latter camp, the slightest whiff of inappropriate behaviour from a fellow passenger is enough to tick them off. (Man spreaders, who end up encroaching on a little bit of our seat as well as their own, we’re looking at you!)

But just in case you were wondering what the most irritating in-flight habits were, travel site Expedia has done the digging and found out.

Top of the list? Er, being a rear seat kicker. Yep, you know those ones: they’re the people sitting behind you digging their knees into your back. Grr.

Rachel on a plane

Of course, that wasn’t the only bit of bad ettiquette that bugged people while up in the air.

Here are the top offenders, according to New York Post:

1.The Rear Seat Kicker (64 percent)
2.Inattentive Parents (59 percent)
3.The Aromatic Passenger (55 percent)
4.The Audio Insensitive (49 percent)
5.The Boozer (49 percent)
6.Chatty Cathy (40 percent)
7.The Queue Jumper (35 percent)
8.Seat-Back Guy (35 percent)
9.The Armrest Hog (34 percent)
10.Pungent Foodies (30 percent)
11.The Undresser (28 percent)
12.The Amorous (28 percent)
13.The Mad Bladder (22 percent)
14.The Single and Ready to Mingle (18 percent)

Hmm. We’re not guilty of any. Swear.


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