Jesy Nelson Has Opened Up About Her Split From Jake Roche And It’s Heartbreaking But Oh-So Relatable

Proving that she's just like the rest of us.

Jesy and Jake

When news of Jesy Nelson’s split from her fiancé Jake Roche broke last month we had to feel for the girl. After all, there are few among of us who haven’t experienced the terrible heart-wrenching pain of a breakup and we had a hunch that after more than two years with her former beau Jesy would likely be feeling pretty broken.

Chatting about the breakup this week, Jesy has confirmed that breaking up was one of the “worst pains” but revealed that music has been a major coping mechanism for her.

Basically just like the rest of us when we’re broken-hearted, Jesy likes to stick on some heartbreak music and have a good old messy cry.

“When you break up with someone, it’s awful,” the Little Mixer told radio show Z100. “Is it not one of the worst pains? It’s horrendous and we all need a sad song that you sit and cry to.”

Jesy Nelson

For Jesy though, it’s not about indulging yourself in a pity party, but ultimately about getting yourself to a place where you feel powerful, something Jesy and her bandmates all considered when working on their breakup anthem Shout Out To My Ex.

“At the end of the day, though, you need something that makes you feel empowered,” Jesy mused. “[Something] that makes you think, ‘You know what I don’t need you anymore. I’m going to go out with my girls and I’m going to get over you because I don’t need you.’ And that’s exactly what Shout Out To My Ex does.”

We’ll second that. Sock it to ’em, ladies.


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