Jesy Nelson Has Put An End To Those Rumours That She’s Split From Her Fiancé Jake Roche

She finally has her say on all the speculation.

Jesy and Jake

Fans concerned about Jesy Nelson’s rumoured split from Jake Roche can breathe a sigh of relief this morning, as the Little Mixer has confirmed that she and her fiancé are still very much together.

In an interview with Idolator Jesy quashed the rumours the pair had split, despite her being spotted without her engagement ring on numerous occasions.

“It’s funny, because when my fiancé proposed to me, he’d never done it like, ‘We’re getting married tomorrow,” Jesy revealed. “He felt like when he called me his girlfriend, it wasn’t enough.

“He felt like it really undermined our relationship, and he loved the fact that – I don’t know, he loved the fact that he can say I’m his fiancée instead of just girlfriend, and I love that.”

Jesy and Jake

Speaking of where the couple are at now, Jesy explained “We’re in no rush. We want to travel the world together.

“There’s so much we want to do together, and at the moment, we’re so focused on our own careers that there just isn’t time.

“We’re literally in no rush,” she reiterated. “I think when we know, we’ll know, and we’ll do it, and [it will] probably be really intimate, hardly any people there.

Dispelling those rumours once and for all, Jesy added: “We’re very much in love, and we’ll do it when we feel the time is right.”

So there you have it folks. Jesy has spoke and she and Jake are still an item. Hurrah!


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