Kim Kardashian Just Revealed Her Current Post-Baby Weight And She’s Hit A Major Milestone

She shared a snap of her bathroom scales on Snapchat last night.

Kim has made no secret of her struggle to shed the weight after having two kids. In fact, she’s been keeping her followers in the loop on Snapchat, sharing regular snaps of the number on her scale and updating fans on her progress.

Now she’s back with a new snap, revealing that she’s hit a major milestone in her weight loss journey, weighing in at exactly 132lbs.

Back in April, Kim revealed that she weighed 139.6lbs, meaning she’s dropped half a stone in the past month. She also now weighs less than she did before her second pregnancy.

Her next goal? Kim wants to get down to the weight she was in 2010, revealing that she’s just 12lbs off her target of 120.

We just hope that she does it in a healthy, sustainable way.


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