Kris Jenner Has Just Silenced Kylie’s Critics With This One Instagram Post

Kylie's show was thought to have received bad reviews and ratings

Kardashian/Jenner momager Kris has proven once again that she is a #ProudMama of all of her kids, this time Kylie in particular.

Kylie, who just turned 20, and was also just announced as an expected billionaire (yes that’s billionaire with a B), last week debuted her new solo reality show The Life Of Kylie.

The show, which was said to be a way for Kylie to portray her true self and allow her fans get to know her better, debuted to some harsh criticism from fans who thought she was coming across as fake and spoiled. It was also rumoured to have completely flopped in ratings, with former Kardashian reality show Rob & Chyna even beating it out in rankings.

But it seems momma Kris was having none of this, and took to instagram to slam critics and reveal just how well her youngest daughters show is performing.

So it looks like The Life Of Kylie is actually killing it, and network bosses are delighted with ratings from the Lip Kit queen’s show.

Are you going to be tuning in next week?


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