Kylie And Tyga ‘Broke Up For Good’ Before The Met Gala

There's no going back this time apparently.

On again, off again. We can’t quite keep up with Kylie and Tyga’s tumultuous relationship, but now sources are claiming that the pair have split up for good.

Speaking to TMZ sources close to the couple say they split up right before the Meta Gala. They explain that they broke things off only days before the event, which would explain why they didn’t walk the red carpet together on the night.

But why the split? Well, while TMZ reports that the sources remain “tight-lipped” about the actual cause of the breakup, they do suggest that Tyga’s recent lunch date with a mysterious model friend might be to blame.

That said, Kylie and Tyga were spotted at the Balmain after party together.

Have they really split for good this time or is it just another rumour? Only time will tell.

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