Kylie Jenner Has Covered Up That Awkward Tattoo She Got For Tyga. Thank God.

The pair split in March.

Kylie and Tyga

Whenever we here about a celebrity getting a tattoo dedicated to their other half we instinctively yell “NOOOOO”.

As far as permanent life decisions go, getting a tattoo for a partner that you could potentially split up with at some point down the line is generally an unwise one.

Step forward Kylie Jenner.

Kylie and her long term boyf Tyga called things off in March… just a few short weeks after Kylie had a ‘T’ inked onto her ankle in her boyfriend’s honour. Ugh, awkward.

Now Kylie has decided to rid all traces of her ex once and for all by covering up that ill-advised tatt.

Its replacement? The ‘T’ now reads ‘La’. We’re not sure what the inspiration was (a reference to Ky’s hometown of LA perhaps?) but whatever it is, we reckon it’s much better than having a permanent reminder of your ex fella every time you put on a new pair of shoes.

In other news, Kylie is said to have gotten matching tattoos with her new boyfriend Travis Scott. The pair both got butterflies on their ankles, so Kylie clearly hasn’t learned from her previous tattooing mistake.

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