Ladies Beware! This Is Officially The Most Dangerous Sex Position For Women

Apparently it's been known to cause vaginal tears.

Man and woman in bed

The last thing you’re probably thinking about while doing the deed is causing yourself a nasty injury, but believe it or not these things happen.

In fact, just last week we found out that girl on top is the most dangerous position for guys, with the position reportedly being responsible for over half of the penile fractures recorded over a 13-year period.

But it’s not just the lads that are in danger of receiving a painful injury; us ladies are at risk too. That is, according to Doctor of Physical Therapy at Beyond Therapy and Wellness clinic, who claims that doggy style is the position that’s most likely to cause an injury for girls.

She reveals that “a woman’s vagina can actually tear if her partner enters her wrong.” Yikes.

The good news? A British survey reports that less than five percent of people take time off work due to a sex-related injury, so thankfully encountering one isn’t all that common.


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