Lauren Goodger Claims That Mark Wright Was Seeing Both Her And Michelle Keegan At The Same Time

It seems there may have been a bit of an overlap, according to Lauren.

Lauren Goodger has claimed that Mark Wright was still seeing her when he started dating Michelle Keegan.

Last week, Lauren was forced to leave a nightclub because her ex fiancé Mark was there and she’s since vented about the situation, claiming that it’s not the first time it’s happened.

“In 2012 he got me removed from Faces nightclub,” she said. “We were still sort of seeing each other and I think he’d just started seeing Michelle.”

Mark has since claimed that he never got her removed and has dismissed the claims that he was seeing both of the girls at the same time.

Mark and Lauren’s relationship hit the rocks in 2012, just a few short months before Michelle and Mark hooked up in January 2013, so it’s possible that he was still involved with his ex at the time.

What do you reckon? Is there any truth to Lauren’s claims?

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