Lindsay Lohan Just Live Streamed Herself Trying To Take Two Children From Their Family On The Street

Actress Lindsay Lohan

We have been more than just a little confused by Lindsay Lohan’s recent public behaviour, but things took a pretty dark turn on her Instagram Live last night.

Although we all enjoyed the viral video of Linds throwing shapes at her club in Greece, the Parent Trap star, who has been busy learning Arabic and supposedly converting to, may have gone too far this time..

Last night, LiLo, who has over 6.8 million followers, went live on Instagram to show her following a family – who appeared to be homeless – down the street, insisting that she wasn’t leaving without their two children…

Accusing the parents of ‘trafficking children’ Lindsay switches between English and Arabic, while taking on an Arabic accent.

The stream ends with the 32-year-old apparently being pushed to the ground, where she is left crying and ‘confused’

Although we don’t know what exactly was going on in the video – and if the children were in danger or not – Lindsay’s live show left viewers with more than a few questions.


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