Little Mix Reveal The Real Reason They Always Wear Leotards And It’s Far From Sexy

They often field comments about their sexy image.

You can’t argue that Little Mix have a trademark style and they’ve often taken flack for the sexy outfits they wear on stage.

Now, the band have explained why they choose to wear leotards on stage every night, and it’s got little to do with being sexy and provocative and a whole lot to do with being practical.

“I don’t think we’re sexing ourselves up. We’re sweating our t*ts off on stage and we want to wear leotards!” Jade explained to Mail Online.

She continued: “It’s comfortable to dance in and we’re doing an hour and a half set, we’re not going to come on to the stage in a tracksuit – it’s just not practical.”

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Perrie then chimed in to blast the hate they often receive about their outfit choices.

“We could wear a frickin’ bin liner on stage and people complain,” she said. “We could wear a full bodysuit.. We’ve been in the industry for six years, we’re tired of it all now and all the comments.”

Hear, hear. Keep doing you, girls.

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