‘Massive Error In Judgement’: Brooklyn Beckham Is Facing Major Backlash For This Instagram Pic Right Now

Fans were very vocal on the matter.

One of Brooklyn Beckham’s Instagram posts is causing a massive stir right now. The pic shows Brooklyn, dressed in a plain white t-shirt, in a number of poses and on the face of it, it seems fairly innocuous.

On closer inspection however, you can see Brooklyn is posing with a handgun in a number of the snaps.


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Photographer Damon Baker also shared a selection of the images.

Double shooting with @brooklynbeckham what’s your favorite?

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Fans were quick to blast Brooklyn for such a reckless error in judgement. “Yeah nice example to set with the gun, champ. Not. Have a word @davidbeckham,” one fan wrote.

Another added: ‘Can’t approve of the gun ones. never necessary… Heyy put that gun down !!… Why the gun? What is your reason to use something that causes so much destruction and despair?”

A third wrote: “The hand gun was totally unnecessary for this photoshoot. It was cool without it, absolutely no need [sic]”.

What do you think of Brooklyn’s photoshoot?

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