#MyBlogLife: We Meet Sinead Cady From The Make-Up Chair

Her Facebook page has over 50,000 likes, and her most popular Youtube video has been viewed three million times. We chat to blogger and vlogger Sinead Cady from The Make-Up Chair.


Name: Sinead Cady

Age: 26
Website: themakeupchair.ie
Instagram: @sineadycady
Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/themakeupchair

Why vlogging?

I started in 2010 to create a portfolio so I could get into college. It slowly became my career and now it’s full time.

Your essential kit?

  • A good camera which you can use properly.
  • Lighting is also really important, I invested in soft box lighting – buying online’s the cheapest option.
  • A USB microphone to make sure the sound is perfect.
  • Video editing software to put everything together.

Your following?

I’ve steadily built to 600,000 subscribers. It’s only in the last year I’ve notice larger jumps in subscribers, gaining 20,000 a month.

Most popular social media outlet?

My Facebook has about 50,000 likes which is crazy!

Most successful tutorial?

Beginner Eye Make-up Lessons has three million views, it’s packed with tons of eye make-up tips that everyone can use. I think eye make-up is the hardest for beginners.

Best opportunity?

Writing my book!

Best freebie?

My Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes. They sent me the first brush set they ever created. Blank Canvas is a huge part of my life, they’re my second family!

What are you most proud of?

Getting this far! I never thought I would amount to much but now I own my own business at just 26 and I’m writing a book.

What started your interest?

I get it from my mom! We still share tips to this day! If I get a tough question from one of my subscribers we talk it out and find the best solution – she’s really talented.

Essential products?

  • Britney Spears Fantasy Body Lotion,
  • Nip & Fab Cellulite Gel
  • QOD BB Hair Cream
  • Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation,
  • Whitening Lightning Brow Bar To Go

Can looking nice lift our moods?

I really believe so, I created a video “Makeup For Sad Days” for just this. I received amazing feedback from over 900 people.

Five great budget buys?

  1. Catrice Lasting Perfection Concealer, €5.79
  2. L’Oreal True Match Foundation only, €14.99
  3. Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof, €11.99
  4. Blank Canvas Cosmetics Contour Palette, €14.99
  5. Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadow Base, €10.49

Beauty inspiration?

Taylor Swift, J-Lo, the Kardashians and the Pretty Little Liars cast.

Make-up inspiration?

Photos from my subscribers.

Favourite make-up look?

A glowy dewy skin with bronzed tones and golden highlights.

Best skin tip?

SPF; I use it daily.

Does diet play a part?

Yes, I switched to a soy-based diet which really helped. I also cut out caffeine.

Secrets to flawless make up?

  1. Create the perfect base; makeup will sit better on clean skin.
  2. Clean your brushes! I clean my brushes weekly.
  3. Layer your products carefully – Cream on Cream, Powder on powder.
  4. Practice. Find a look you like and keep creating it!
  5. Refresh it, you don’t have to reapply everything but a touch up helps.

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