Nicole Scherzinger’s Height Has Been Revealed And She’s Loads Shorter Than We Thought She Was

Fans have been sharing their shock at the singer's tiny stature.

Nicole Scherzinger

Maybe it’s the stacked heels we’re used to seeing her in but like a lot of fans we’d always assumed singer and X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger was hovering around the six foot mark.

Look at her here. She’s definitely a solid 5.9 at least, right?

Nicole’s regularly rocking high heels and short skirts and dresses that show off her lengthy pins, so naturally we’ve always assumed she’s got digits Karlie Kloss would be proud.

But get this, fans have recently discovered that Nicole is actually 5 foot 4, meaning she’s technically classed as petite. In fact, at 5 ft 9, that makes her co-judge Louis Walsh a whole five inches taller than her.

Taking to Twitter, many of Nicole’s stans said they felt cheated by the discovery.

Anyone else feel so much better about shopping in the petite section now?

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