Nope! We’re Refusing To Believe This Terrible Fan Theory About The Old Man From Up!

Nope, nope, all of the nope.


It seems like almost every week there’s a new fan theory doing the rounds and ruining some of our favourite films.

First it was the ridiculous alternative plot line to Grease that claimed that Sandy died in a drowning accident at the start of the film.

Then fans claimed that Titanic’s Jack was just a figment of Rose’s imagination, and now people are saying that Carl from Up! actually dies at the start of the film.

Seriously, when did everyone get so morbid all of a sudden?

As if the film couldn’t get any sadder (who can forget that heart-wrenching opening montage? Sob.) Digital Spy reports that fans are now claiming that widower Carl Fredricksen actually dies in his sleep at the beginning of the movie after he’s told he needs to leave his house and move to a retirement home.

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They also say that the scene where his house floats up into the sky is actually his passage to heaven, while Paradise Falls, the destination he’s trying to get to throughout the film is the afterlife.

Furthermore, Russell, the little boy from the film is said to represent Carl’s guardian angel and instead of trying to earn his final scout’s badge he’s actually trying to earn his wings.

Look, we get it: it’s plausible and it kinda makes sense, but we’re not having a bar of it. It’s just a cute little story about an old man who meets a boy scout and goes on an incredible adventure, okay?