Olivia Wilde Says Her New Movie Is The First Job She’s Had That Wasn’t Based On Her Looks

She's 35, and has been in the industry over 15 years.

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Olivia Wilde has said she feels that her latest job is the first one she’s ever had that wasn’t based on looks.

The actress has been working in the industry for over fifteen years, and has starred in the likes of House and The OC. She has now made her directorial debut with new film Booksmart.

“It is remarkable that I am 35 years old and this is the first job I’ve ever had that wasn’t entirely dependent on and connected to my looks,” she told The New York Times.

“It grosses me out to acknowledge it, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it,” she admitted.

The film, which has been compared to Superbad by some critics, follows two studious friends (Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever) trying to make the most of their last night of high school.

The actress added that now looks at many of her past roles differently.  “Was it ever truly purely me… or was it always something that was fraught with a sense of superficiality, of being judged from the outside in an external way? I don’t know.”

She spoke about the comfort and satisfaction that came with this job, as a director, where her looks were not a factor.

“I was there only because of my brain and my heart. And the sense of fulfillment that comes from that is really massive. It’s a profound shift for me.”

Check out the Booksmart trailer below:


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