Ouch! Cheryl’s Going To Be Seriously P*ssed About What Liam Just Revealed In An Interview

Liam seems to be forgetting some crucial info.

Liam Payne seems to have a major case of oversharing right now. Over the past number of weeks, the singer has been dishing a whole lot of details (some of which we never needed to know) about his home life with Cheryl and baby bear.

Now he’s maybe said too much again, this time directing his comments at the Kardashians. Specifically, he’s spoken out to say he doesn’t want his son growing up to be like the famous fam.

Publicly dishing America’s most famous fam he told US Radio Station Hot 99.5 “We haven’t really started lullabies yet but he loves the telly and my Mrs has got the Kardashians on all the time at the moment,” he said. “I don’t mind watching a little bit of the Kardashians but I don’t want him looking at it and being like ‘Oh yeah that’s what we should do’.”

Those comments might not seem too bad until you remember that Cheryl is best friends with Khloe and the KUTWK reality star reportedly sent the couple a £5,000 hamper from Harrods following baby bear’s birth.

Hmm. Something tells us Liam might be in Cheryl’s bad books for a little while.

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