People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Pink Football, Specially Designed For Women

Offensive? Yes. This new invention has got people all shades of angry.


Prepare to feel enraged: a new football called the ‘Ladyball’, has been invented and it’s specially designed for female use, because, y’know, apparently girls don’t know how to use a regular football.

A description of the statement pink ball claims that it’s inspired by new technological advancements that means it is “soft touch, easy play and fashion driven” and designed “especially for a women’s unique grip.”

And if that’s not enough to get your fires burning:  It’s inventors say they hope it encourages more ladies to take up team sports and “play like a lady.”

They couldn’t get any more sexist if they told us not to break a nail. Oh wait…

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.37.12

Instead of being praised for its new creation, the company has understandably been give a tonne of flack by both women and men, for its blatant sexism, and adding fuel to the sexism fire, they’ve also been criticised for launching the product on Twitter with images of models in tiny shorts and heels posing with the ball.

Lady Ball

While the ball does have its supporters – Ger Brennan has said it will “combat” women’s fear of team sports because “it’s designed to enhance a woman’s abilities and make it easier for women to play – the resounding response on Twitter has been one of outrage, with many labelling it as #EverydaySexism. 

Ladyball Tweet

Ladyball Tweet

Ladyball Tweet

Other users speculated that the ball might be a smart marketing campaign.

Ladyball tweet

Real or not, one of our favourite tweets came from Twitter user @queenLatAoife, who wrote, “Equal broadcasting/media coverage and recognition is what encourages girls to get into sports, not the colour pink.” We couldn’t agree more.

By Jennifer Conway.