Photoshop Fail? Amy Childs Quickly Deleted This Pic After Making A Super Obvious Editing Error


Amy Childs

When you’ve a tonne of followers viewing, liking and commenting on your pics, we’ve no doubt that it’s tempting to pull a few sneaky edits to create the look you desire, but unfortunately for Amy Childs, that move backfired, when fans called her out for a super obvious Photoshop fail.

The former TOWIE star posted a pic to her Instagram earlier and fans were quick to notice something a little off about the snap. You don’t need to look too closely to see that the door frame next to Amy is wonky, suggesting that she used Photoshop’s pinch tool to slim down her figure.

Amy Childs

“You really must stop standing beside straight lines if you’re going to keep Photoshopping yourself,” one commented, before Amy swiftly took the offending pic down.

This isn’t the first time Amy’s been called out for editing her pics. A photo she shared on her Instagram last week, bearing the same telltale Photoshop signs received similar criticism.

Comfy in my @amychildscollection jumper dress ✨ (link is in the bio)

A photo posted by Amy Childs (@amychilds1990) on

Oh dear, hopefully with all the recent backlash, Amy will realise that she doesn’t need to edit her pics and she’s beautiful as is.


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