Pics: We’re Getting Major Decor Inspo From Taylor Swift’s NYC Apartment

Um, can we live here please?

Taylor Swift’s home-owning facts

  • Taylor owns four homes, including a three-bedroom house in LA, a penthouse in Nashville, an apartment in NYC and a beach house in Rhode Island.
  • She purchased her first home aged 21.
  • Taylor’s most expensive home (her NYC pad) set her back $19.9 million.

It’s fair to say Taylor Swift gives us a pretty major dose of life envy. She’s one of the world’s highest paid females, she’s got the longest, leanest pins we’ve ever seen, has a newly-buff DJ boyfriend in Calvin Harris, and counts a gorgeous New York apartment among her living arrangements.

Situated in the Tribeca area, Taylor’s been living in her New York pad for about a year, but up until now we’ve only had a sneak peak of her gorgeous home by sleuthing through her Instagram. But now Teen Vogue has doled out some snaps from inside Taylor’s fancy flat, and let’s just say we’re majorly swooning.


Taylor Swift's New York Home

Taylor Swift's New York Home

You’ll probably recognise the outside of Taylor’s gaff from the hundreds of pap shots she’s snapped in when she leaves her home every day. We’re loving the Carrie Bradshaw-esque inspired steps up to the front door too.

The kitchen

Taylor Swift New York home

How absolutely huge is Taylor’s kitchen? We’re loving the marble top table and the crisp, white furnishings. And judging by Taylor’s Instagram she’s already had the squad around for some dinner party fun, too.

Taylor Swift Instagram

The living room

Taylor Swift New York Home

Taylor Swift New York Home4

How many sofas does one gal need? Um, four apparently. We’re wondering if that punchy red colour scheme is a nod to the title of her fourth album? Looks like a deadly room for entertaining. We’ll bring the Tayto, yeah Taylor?

The living room 2.0

Taylor Swift New York Home

We’re not exactly sure what this room is (a living room? a recreation room?) but one thing’s for sure, we can see Taylor kicking back here on a Sunday with Calvin and her cats. We heart the cream, high-back couch and the wooden-beamed ceiling. <3.

So, when can we call round?