Pippa O’Connor’s Latest Fashion Product Is *Just* What We’ve Been Waiting For

We can't wait!!

If you’re like us, and just as obsessed with Pippa O’Connor’s POCO brand, you’ll be just as excited to hear that she is adding a new clothing item to the fab range.

Pippa’s effortless style of jeans and a basic tee may be about to get a lot easier to recreate, as the beauty and fashion blogger has revealed that she in in the process of designing a range of t-shirts.

“I never thought I’d have so many people ask me where a t-shirt is from,” Pippa told snapchat.

“You’re all saying what I think, which is it’s hard to find a good quality t-shirts with a nice V and a nice round neck.

“So, they’re my own, I’ve been working on them since last summer. So I’m hoping to have them ready and available by this summer.

“We haven’t signed off or decided fully on colours and styles, I kind of know. But I would love to if it’s something you would want? Good quality basics that you can pair with your denims, layer.

“That’s what I’d like to do! I’m talking plain, basic tees with different neck lines and in a variety of different colours.”

Summer can’t come quick enough!!


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