Plot Twist! Apparently Phoebe Was Never Meant To End Up With Mike In Friends

But they're soooo good together!

Phoebe and Mike

While Ross and Rachel’s dramz and Monica and Chandler’s haphazard relationship arguably dominated the show, there was one other couple we couldn’t help but fall in love with and that was Phoebe and Mike.

But while Phoebe and Mike’s (or should that be Princess Consuela and Crapbag’s?) wedding at the end of the last season seemed like a sure thing, apparently they weren’t always meant to end up with each other.

Nope, Phoebs was actually destined to be with David, the awkward scientist guy who she briefly dated in an earlier season, before he embarked on a career venture in Minsk.


Speaking to The Huffington Post, Hank Azaria, the actor who plays David explains that though his character was initially meant to end up with Phoebe, Paul Rudd’s character Mike quickly became a fan favourite, and the show’s writers thought he was too popular to cut.

“I think, honestly, what happened was Paul Rudd is so awesome that they sort of found a groove with him and [my character] became more of just the grist for that mill,” Hank revealed, adding that he was sad his character missed out on being Phoebe’s lobster.

“It actually did sting a little bit,” he admits. “Whatever part of me is David the science guy who went to Minsk, which admittedly is probably a small part of me, but that part of me wanted to end up with Phoebe. So I was sort of sad when I didn’t.”

While that totally sucks for Hank, we’re still pretty delira that it was Mike who eventually won Phoebe’s heart in the end.

Phoebe and Mike forever <3


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