PSA: Instagram’s Latest Update Means You’ll Get Caught Out If You Partake In This Shady Social Media Habit

Having a cheeky Insta creep just got a bit risky.

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We’re all guilty of it.

Whenever we want to know what an ex or an old friend is up to, we’ll have a snoop through their social media feeds, often going weeks deep into their accounts.

Sometimes we’ll even take a cheeky screenshot when we come across something interesting so we can send it on to our besties to illicit a discussion about what said person is up to.

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BUT, hold up, fans of the social media screenshot. Just like Snapchat, if you take a screenshot of a friend’s snaps on Instagram, they will now be notified.

Along with its new live video feature, Instagram included the new screenshot notification function at the end of last week.

Crucially though, the update only applies to Instagram’s disappearing content; that includes only the pictures and videos that you can message to your friends through the new Instagram Direct feature.

That means public content, like the pics your friends publish on Instagram stories or on their feeds doesn’t have the same privacy function, so the good news is, that if you are lurking on an exes IG you’ll still be able to remain under the radar.

Well, for now at least…


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