Queen’s University Belfast Has Told Its Female Students Not To ‘Dress Like Kim Kardashian’

The advice didn't go down too well.

Kim Kardashian

Students at Queen’s are none too impressed after the university issued a style guide for graduation that banned short skirts and cleavage.

When students registered for their upcoming graduation ceremony they were directed to a page called ‘Style Tips For Graduation Week. Wear It Well.’

Students were advised to remember that the ceremony is a formal event and therefore “short skirts and cleavage on show are totally out of the question.”

Female students were also told to “think Grace Kelly not Kim Kardashian” adding “You can always change before you head out.”

Style Advice Queens

The style advice is thought to be from former student Thom Dickerson, who runs a private tailoring company based in Belfast.

Not surprisingly, many students were deeply offended by the tips.

According to The Belfast Telegraph one student emailed the University to tell them she found the advice ‘deplorable’.

“As a woman, the part I find utterly deplorable is the way in which it advises women how to dress. Being told what to wear, being judged for our attire and being told certain attire says certain things about you as a woman is a daily occurrence,” the email reads.

Another added: “Are we not a bit more mature than making cleavage out to be ‘bad’ or even ‘sacrosanct’? I feel massively condescended and genuinely offended to be offered this advice.”