Reconciling?! There’s Promising News For Anna Faris And Chris Pratt’s Marriage

The couple split last month.

Last month, when Anna Farris and Chris Pratt announced they were legally separating we were devo. Our thoughts? If Hollywood’s most loved up couple couldn’t make it work, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

Since then things have gone a bit quiet. Chris has changed his status across social media to Gone Fishin’, while Anna has continued with her Unqualified podcast.

A source close to the pair however has offered one tiny glimmer of hope that a reconciliation could be on the cards, as the couple are said to be going to couple’s therapy to patch up their issues.

But don’t get too excited. Apparently they are only undergoing therapy for the sake of their five-year-old son Jack. “They are going through couples counselling now, which is what you do when you want to divorce and there are children involved,” a source tells People. “It won’t likely change the status but it could help with their future co-parenting.”

Still with Anna and Chris talking together in therapy there’s a slither of hope they might reconcile and call the divorce off, right? RIGHT?!

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