Red, White Or Rosé? This Is The Type Of Wine That Will Give You The Worst Hangover

Consider this essential reading before your night out.

Woman with a hangover after a party

Picture the scene: it’s Sunday morning and your mouth is dry, your head is banging and your stomach is churning so hard it feels like it’s a washing machine. You know you shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine but for some reason you drank it anyway and now you’re paying the price.

Hangovers aren’t much fun and while the obvious solution may be to, uh, just drink less, we all know how easy it is to have one vino too many.

Instead, the real hangover fix may be to just change what you’re drinking.

One of the worst hangover culprits? It’s red wine, and while too much white or rosé will likely leave you with a pounding headache too, experts say the red stuff is likely to make you feel a whole lot worse for wear.

Why so? It’s all down to congeners, the stuff that gives red wine it’s dark colour.

But congeners aren’t just found in red wine, they’re also in any other dark coloured booze, including spirits and beers.

The lesson? If you want to minimise your hangover the morning after then switch out whiskey for vodka and red wine for white and, y’know, maybe have a glass or two less while you’re at it.