Remember Tag From Friends? Well 15 Years On He’s Still A Total Ride

Yep, and we've got the pics to prove it.

Tag Jones

Argue with us if you will, but we reckon Tag Jones, AKA Rachel’s assistant, whom she had a brief relationship with in Friends season eight, is the undisputed hottie of the entire show.

We mean, to quote Rachel, “He’s so pretty, I want to cry!”

But while 15 years may have passed since Tag’s appearance on the show, we think Eddie Cahill, the actor who played him, is still as ridey as ever.

Eddie Cahill

These days Eddie’s starring in an upcoming TV show called Conviction, a series that centres around an LA unit that investigates police and court corruption.

Eddie Cahill

Recently, he also starred in a TV adaption of Stephen King’s Under The Dome, as struggling alcoholic Sam Verdreaux and he’s been taking on other more mature roles like playing CSI:NY detective Don Flack.

Hat tip to Metro for putting Eddie Cahill back on our radar after all these years.


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