Revealed: This Is The Ideal Age Gap For A Lasting Relationship

Guess we have to say buh-bye to our silver fox fantasy then.

Catherine Zeta Jones Michael Douglas

Find yourself seriously crushing on your lecturer, manager or, er, mate’s dad? Well, stop fantasising because chances are it ain’t going to work!

Aside from the fact that it’d be a tad unethical and potentially a little weird to get with any of the above, research has proven that the larger the age gap the higher chance there is of a breakup.

The research, carried out by Emory University, revealed a 20-year age gap means you’re 95 percent more likely to end in divorce and it’s still not promising if there’s a 10-year age gap with 39 percent of marriages more likely to end up in splitsville.

Although couples like Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have defied the odds, there are a load of celebs who prove this research to be totally spot on. Demi and Ashton we’re looking at you!

But fear not you silver fox lovers because hope is still out there! The study also revealed that the longer your relationship, the less likely you are to divorce.

Apparently, if you’re together for two years you’re 43 percent less likely to split and if you manage to hit the 10-year mark with your SO you’re 94% less likely to split.

So, if you’re still determined to marry a George Clooney lookalike there could be hope for you yet. Well as long as you manage to nab him for ten years, that is!

Bottom line though, the smaller the age gap the more likely you are to stay together. The study reveals that couples who only have a five-year age gap are only 18 percent more likely to get divorced.

We guess, in this case at least, age really isn’t just a number.


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