Ridiculous Or Plausible? Fans Have An Insane New Theory About Sandy In Grease

Nope, sorry, not buying it.

Danny and Sandy

It’s a movie many of us know nearly word for word. After all, it tends to do the rounds on our TV screens fairly regularly, but despite our familiarity with the cute 1970s flick, it turns out some fans have picked up on a possible alternate storyline that we would have never noticed.

See, according to some fans (who may or may not have too much time on their hands) the entire plot is all a figment of Sandy’s imagination.

The theory stems from one of Danny Zuko’s lyrics in which he sings “I saved her life. She nearly drowned.”

Basically, some fans, who published their ideas about the film on Reddit, reckon that Sandy really did die and the remainder of the film is one big hallucination from her final dying moments.

Pretty heavy, right?


What’s more, the fans point to the final scene as evidence that Sandy is dead for the entire movie.

In it, Sandy and Danny fly off into the sky in a car, which the fans are suggesting is Sandy’s journey into heaven.

Add to that, they say the line “Goodbye to Sandra Dee” in the song Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee, forewarns viewers of her death.

Look, it’s an interesting idea and kudos to the person who dreamed it up, but we’re really not buying it.

It’s just a cute story about a boy and a girl who met at the beach, went to high school together and fell in love, okay?