Sarah Jessica Parker Called This Irish Writer ‘Fecking Brilliant’ On Instagram

G'wan Lisa McInerney!

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There’s something so cheering about seeing celebrities attempt Irish slang, isn’t there?

Taylor Schilling recently tried her hand with “craic” and failed, Debra Messing went so far as to try out “gas craic” on Twitter, and Paul Rudd’s even a fan of “ya bollix,” as he revealed on a press trip here last year.

But one celebrity who can actually claim some ownership of our uniquely Irish turns of phrase is Sarah Jessica Parker, who has spent many a summer on our shores, mainly in the Donegal holiday home she owns with her husband Matthew Broderick.

So we weren’t surprised when she managed to pull off the phrase “fecking brilliant” like a pro on Instagram last night, even giving Irish author Lisa McInerney a massive plug in the process.

Having just finished Lisa’s book The Glorious Heresies, SJP shared an extremely positive review with her 2.6m Instagram followers.

Set in Cork, The Glorious Heresies has been on Irish bookshelves last year but gets its US release next week, and Sarah must have gotten her hands on an advance copy.

A book and tale to be reckoned with. Ms. McInerney should pull up a seat next to McPherson, McCann, McCourt and all the Irish greats,” the actress wrote alongside a photo of the book’s bright yellow cover.

“I gobbled this up and mourned the last page. Completely fulfilling, devastating and perfectly captures life in the city of Cork. ‘Fecking’ Brilliant. X, SJ.”


Sarah’s not the only US celebrity who’s been praising Lisa’s writing of late, either – Oprah named The Glorious Heresies as one of her ’10 Titles To Pick Up Now’ in the latest issue of her magazine.

A good day to be Irish, by all accounts.