Science Has Found The Exact Time You Should Fart In A Relationship

Because apparently popping one out on the first date isn't acceptable. #WhoKnew.

Who can forget that episode of Sex And The City when a mortified Carrie Bradshaw breaks wind in front of Big?

Sure it’s probably one of the most awkward things that can happen when you’ve just started seeing someone, but you probably don’t need us to remind you that breaking wind is as natural as, say, eating two blocks of Dairy Milk on your period.

But just incase you needed some guidelines on when exactly is the best time in your relationship to, um, pop one out, some super smart peeps have figured it all out.

In a recent survey Mic asked couples when they thought it was okay to fart in front of their other half.

Farting In A Relationship

The results? The optimum time to break wind is between two and six months into your relationship, according to 29% of couples. 25.2% reckon it’s okay six months in and an even smaller number say they’ll always leave the room to do it.

As for the 9.3% who are waiting over a year before letting one rip in front of their SO, we commend your efforts, but seriously, just go for it. We’ll bet bae won’t even bat an eyelid.


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